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October 2023
Grassley Spotlights Ways to Cut Drug Costs and Enhance Health Care System Innovation, Efficiency
Grassley Doubles Down on Calls for Fiscal Sanity as U.S. Deficit Balloons under Biden
September 2023
Grassley Discusses Strategies to Preserve and Strengthen Medicare for Future Generations
Grassley: Credit Suisse Must Embrace Sunlight In Review Of Nazi-Linked Accounts
Grassley: Biden Policies Don't Bring Prosperity for All
Grassley Challenges Congress To Exercise Fiscal Responsibility And Good Governance
Grassley Discusses Immigration Concerns Raised at County Meetings and Welcomes Iowa Witness to the Budget Committee
Grassley Urges Biden Admin to Change Course on Spending Policies Following CBO’s Latest Budget Report
August 2023
Credit Suisse Failed to Fully Investigate Nazi-Linked Accounts, Full Report Confirms
Grassley: Iowans Are Paying More Thanks to Democrats’ Inflation ‘Enhancement’ Act
July 2023
Grassley At Hearing On Social Security: ‘We’re Finally Talking About Money & Things The Budget Committee Ought To Be Working On’
June 2023
CBO: Projected Record Debt Per Capita Threatens Economic Growth
Grassley, Whitehouse Recognized For Shining Light On Nazi-Linked Accounts At Credit Suisse
Grassley Discusses Precision Ag, Biogas with Iowa Witnesses
May 2023
Grassley, Republican Colleagues Demand to See Spending and Budget Reform Before Raising the Debt Limit
April 2023
Grassley Opening Remarks at Hearing on Tax Revenue and Dodging
Credit Suisse Maintained Nazi-Linked Accounts into 21st Century, Subpoenaed Records Show
March 2023
Grassley Statement at Hearing on "The Cost of Oil Dependence"
Biden’s Budget Brings More Taxes, More Debt, Less Opportunity, Fewer Resources For Essential Government Services
A Month Late and Trillions Short: Biden’s Budget Charts Unsustainable Course on Federal Spending
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