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January 2017
Enzi: Time to Lift the Burden Obamacare Has Placed on All Americans
Enzi Welcomes Gardner, Kennedy and Boozman to Senate Budget Committee
Senate to Begin Debate on Obamacare Repeal Resolution
December 2016
Enzi Statement On Trump Budget Director Nominee U.S. Rep. Mick Mulvaney
Enzi Unveils Reforms to Fix America’s Broken Budget Process
November 2016
GAO: Student Loan Cost Projections Doubled; Flawed Estimates Lack Transparency
BUDGET BULLETIN: Regulatory Reform Outlook
October 2016
BUDGET BULLETIN: FY 2017 Continuing Resolution
New GAO Report Shows Feds Spend $1.5 Billion Annually on PR Activities
September 2016
GAO Rules Obamacare Reinsurance Unlawfully Diverting Billions From Taxpayers
Enzi Calls for Bipartisan Budget Process Reform
Enzi: CBO Must Continue to Provide Objective and Insightful Information to Congress
July 2016
Budget Chairmen: Dept. of Ed’s Rule Could Cost Taxpayers Billions
Enzi: Time to Unstick Washington’s Budget Gridlock
May 2016
Enzi: I want you to know what keeps me awake nights
Enzi Pushes for Regulatory Budget
Enzi Receives Fiscal Hero Award for Efforts to Fix Budget Process, Address National Debt
Enzi Asks For Honest Accounting of Higher Ed Proposal
New CBO Analysis Shows Increased Spending and Deficits for FY 2016
BUDGET BULLETIN: Overview of Senate Budget Process Reform Proposals
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