Ranking Member Press

July 2001
Conrad Calls on Administration To Explain How It Plans to Pay for Defense Increase
Conrad Seeks Admin.'s Plan to Avoid Raiding Medicare & Soc. Security Trust Funds
June 2001
Shrinking Budget Surplus Threatens Medicare & Social Security Trust Funds
Chairman Conrad Says New Economic Data Could Decrease Projected Budget Surplus
May 2001
Conrad Introduces Bipartsan Legislation to Reform, Instead of Repeal, Estate Tax
April 2001
Senator Conrad Joins Farmers in Calling for Meaningful Estate Tax Reform
March 2001
Bush Budget Underestimates Amount of Debt That Can Be Paid Down
Conrad Urges Estate Tax Reform, Not Repeal
Bush Budget Proposal for State Dept. Lacks Crucial Details
Republicans Block Conrad's Social Security/Medicare
Conrad Says Bush Tax Cut Freezes Out Needed Education Improvements
February 2001
Conrad Calls for Protecting Medicare Trust Fund, Warns of Bush Intention to Raid Fund
Bush Tax Cut Threatens Defense Budget
Bush's Tax Cut Would Be Unfair and Could Drive Us Back Into Deficits
Conrad Calls for Protecting Medicare Trust Fund
GAO Warns of Long-Term Deficits, Cautions AgainstRelying on 10-year Projections
January 2001
Ranking Democrat Responds to Latest CBO Budget Projection
Agricultural Needs Should Be Addressed in Upcoming Budget Debate says Conrad
Conrad Calls for Fiscal Discipline at Greenspan Hearing
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