Ranking Member Press

December 2013
Sessions Confirms Spending Deal Would Strip A Key Protection For Senate Minority Rights
Sessions, Senate’s Top GOP Budget Member, Opposes Spending Deal
November 2013
Sessions Asks Obamaphone Fund Managers For Info On Program Costs, Expenses
Sessions Questions Taxpayer Handouts To Unprofitable Solar Company
Sessions Issues Remarks On Second Budget Conference Hearing
October 2013
HHS Reverses Course, Reissues Obamacare Prison Contract To Same No-Bid Company
Sessions Delivers Opening Statement At First Budget Conference Meeting
Following Sessions’ Inquiry, HHS Quietly Scraps No-Bid Contract For Chicago Company To Promote Obamacare To Prisoners
Sessions Asks Agencies To Provide Data On Costly Alternative Fuel Vehicle Acquisitions
Sessions Investigates Grant Process, Questionable Use Of Funds At National Humanities Endowment
Sessions Comments On September Jobs Report
Sessions Delivers 2nd Address In Series On American Workers, Calls On Both Parties To Reject Special Interests
Ranking Member Sessions Responds To Secretary Sebelius’ False Claim On Part-Time Work
Sessions Issues Statement On Yellen Nomination To Chair Federal Reserve
Sessions Issues Statement After Voting Against Debt Hike, Spending Bill
September 2013
Sessions Catalogs Destructive Impacts Of Obamacare
Sessions Opening Statement: Washington’s Policies Limiting Economic Growth And Opportunity
Sessions Gives First In Series Of Addresses On U.S. Economy: Deteriorating Conditions For Working Households
Sessions Comments On New CBO Long-Term Budget Outlook
Sessions: Zients The Wrong Man For The Job—And For The Country
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