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July 2022
Graham On Inflation: “Very Sad Day For Americans Struggling To Make Ends Meet”
Graham: Raising Taxes on the Verge of a Recession Makes Zero Sense
May 2022
Graham: Biden Defense Budget “Woefully Inadequate”
Graham: Budget Agency Projects Dim Future If Nothing Changes
CBO Budget and Economic Outlook Fast Facts
Graham: If Democrats Think “Medicare for All” Is So Great, Why Not Vote On It?
Correct the Record: “Medicare for All” Means Medicare for None
April 2022
Graham on Record High Inflation
March 2022
Graham on the Biden Budget: More Spending, More Taxes, More Debt
President Biden’s FY23 Budget Fast Facts
February 2022
Graham Questions OMB Nominees During Senate Budget Committee Hearing
December 2021
Statement from Senate Budget Committee Ranking Member Graham
Graham: Democrats Misleading American People on True Cost of Reckless Tax and Spend Bill
In Case You Missed It: “‘Fully Paid For’ Is the Lie of the Year”
Graham: Build Back Better Will Be Death Blow To Our Economy
CBO Commits to Provide “True Cost” Analysis of Reckless Tax and Spend Bill Over Ten Years
November 2021
Graham: Dems’ Reckless Tax and Spend Bill is a Fraud
Graham Statement on House Passage of Reckless Tax and Spend Bill
ICYMI: Bipartisanship Achieved! Dems Blast Dems’ Own Tax Proposals: “Bad Policy, Bad Politics”
In Case You Missed It: Dems Double Down on Tax Cuts for Millionaires as Inflation Surges
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