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May 2021
Fast Facts on the Impacts of the Biden Budget
Senate Budget Ranking Member Graham on President Biden’s Budget
CBO to Budget Ranking Member Graham: Democrats’ Spending Spree Shatters Previous Deficit, Debt Outlook
April 2021
McConnell, Inhofe, Rubio, Graham, and Shelby Statement on Biden’s Disappointing Defense Budget
March 2021
Graham: Dems’ “Insatiable Desire” to Raise Taxes Will Ruin the Country
Graham: “I Could Not Disagree More” with Nominee for Deputy OMB Director’s Statement on Hyde Amendment
Graham Statement on Vote Against $1.9 Trillion Liberal Wish List
Graham Introduces Amendment to End Blue State Bailouts
Graham: Democrats’ So-Called COVID Relief Bill is a Liberal Wish List
February 2021
Graham Statement on Parliamentarian’s Ruling on Minimum Wage
Graham: We Have to Find a Way to Raise Minimum Wage Without Losing Jobs, Hurting Small Businesses
Graham Questions Biden OMB Director Nominee on Immigration and Minimum Wage Increase
Graham ‘Remain in Mexico’ Amendment to Senate Budget Resolution Defeated
Graham Addresses Budget Resolution Ahead of Vote-A-Rama
ICYMI: Graham to Democrats on Budget Resolution: “If You’re Looking for Unity, This is a Lousy Way to Get It”
December 2020
Senate Approves Bipartisan Bill to Strengthen Federal Financial Management
Enzi Challenges Congress to Come Together to Fix Broken Budget Process
Enzi Challenges Congress to Come Together to Fix Broken Budget Process
October 2020
New Report Shows Need to Reform Federal Housing Programs
September 2020
Enzi: While Congress Remains Focused on Pandemic, It Must Also Plan to Address Debt
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