Ranking Member Press

January 2009
Senate Budget Committee Membership Established for 111th Congress
June 2008
Senate Gives Final Approval to FY 2009 Budget
May 2008
Conrad/Spratt Press Release on Budget Conference Agreement
March 2008
Senate Approves FY 2009 Budget Resolution
February 2008
Conrad Welcomes CBO Report on Geographic Variation
December 2007
Conrad/Baucus Welcome CBO Report on Comparative Effectiveness Research
Small Business Group Endorses Conrad/Gregg Bipartisan Fiscal Task Force Bill
October 2007
Hearing on Conrad/Gregg Bipartisan Fiscal Task Force Bill
Senators Conrad and Gregg Announce Bipartisan Fiscal Task Force Hearing
Senators Conrad and Gregg Announce Publication of Senate Budget Committee History
September 2007
Conrad Press Release on Cost of 'Korea-Like' Presence in Iraq
Senators Conrad and Gregg: Bipartisan Task Force is Best Approach for Tackling Long-Term Fiscal Challenges
May 2007
Senate-House Reach Budget Conference Agreement
January 2007
Conrad Applauds Introduction of Strong PAYGO Rule
December 2006
Press Release on Orszag CBO Recommendation
March 2006
Press Release on Republican Budget Proposal
February 2006
Press Release on Budget Committee Asbestos White Paper
December 2005
Conrad Press Release on Point of Order Against Spending Reconciliation Bill
September 2003
Conrad Announces Four Staff Appointments
May 2003
Conrad Votes For Fiscal Responsibility
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