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February 2016
Joint Announcement from Senate and House Budget Committees on OMB Hearing
Spending on Expired Govt. Programs Exposes Broken Budget Process
Politico - Meet your unauthorized federal government
January 2016
Budget Committee to Hold Feb. 3 Hearing on Spending on Unauthorized Programs
Budget Committee to Hold Jan. 26 Hearing on CBO Budget and Economic Outlook
Red Ink Surges for Nation’s Long-Term Economic Outlook
Fiscal Times - Why Is the Government Spending $310 Billion on ‘Unauthorized’ Programs?
CBO: Government Will Spend Over $310 Billion on Expired Programs
Retirement calculator glitch gave misleading information
BUDGET BULLETIN: 2016 Omnibus Spending Bill Epilogue
Congress Approves Far-Reaching Obamacare Repeal
Lawmakers Want Answers On Consumer Agency’s Faulty Retirement Benefit Planner
Senators: CFPB Miscalculated With Retirement Tool
Senate Republicans blast consumer panel's glitchy retirement calculator
December 2015
Senate Chairmen: Consumer Protection Bureau Retirement Calculator Broken
2015 Budget Committee Chairman's Report
2015 Budget Year in Review GRAPHIC
2015 Budget Year In Review
Enzi: We Must Understand Economic Impact Of America’s Regulations
Senate Approves Far-Reaching Obamacare Repeal
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