Statement from Chairman Murray on Tax Day: Congress Should Take Steps Now to Make the Tax Code Fairer for Workers and Families

WASHINGTON, D.C.—On Tax Day, April 15th, Senate Budget Committee Chairman Patty Murray (D-WA) released the following statement calling on Republicans to join Democrats in making changes to our tax code, like the 21st Century Worker Tax Cut Act she recently introduced, which would help workers and families keep more of what they earn:

“Leading up to Tax Day, workers and families across the country sat down at the kitchen table and made sure they paid their fair share of taxes, even as they were working to put a child through school, save for retirement, or simply cover all the bills. These workers and families are the ones who deserve a break, not the large, profitable corporations that continue to benefit from wasteful tax loopholes and special interest carve-outs.

“I hope my Republican colleagues will join me in working to update our bloated tax code and close some of these wasteful loopholes, so that we can reduce the deficit and invest in jobs and economic growth. One update to the tax code I am focused on making is the 21st Century Worker Tax Cut Act, which I recently introduced with Senators Reed and Brown. Our bill would cut taxes for workers and families and pay for it by closing corporate loopholes both Democrats and Republicans have proposed eliminating. This is the kind of step Congress should be taking to help struggling workers and families in today’s economy get the fair shot they deserve, and we should get it done as quickly as possible.”

More information on the 21st Century Worker Tax Cut Act can be found here.