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March 2016
CBO Revenue Baselines and Tax Reform
Senate Budget Committee Postpones Action on FY 17 Budget Resolution
February 2016
Enzi Asks GAO to Investigate Spending by Feds on Public Relations Activities
Federal Agencies to Receive Audit Into Their PR Spending
Jim Neill Joins Budget Committee as Director of Coalitions and Outreach
President’s Final Budget Doubles Down on More Spending and Debt
Joint Announcement from Senate and House Budget Committees on OMB Hearing
Spending on Expired Govt. Programs Exposes Broken Budget Process
Politico - Meet your unauthorized federal government
January 2016
Budget Committee to Hold Feb. 3 Hearing on Spending on Unauthorized Programs
Budget Committee to Hold Jan. 26 Hearing on CBO Budget and Economic Outlook
Red Ink Surges for Nation’s Long-Term Economic Outlook
Fiscal Times - Why Is the Government Spending $310 Billion on ‘Unauthorized’ Programs?
CBO: Government Will Spend Over $310 Billion on Expired Programs
Retirement calculator glitch gave misleading information
BUDGET BULLETIN: 2016 Omnibus Spending Bill Epilogue
Congress Approves Far-Reaching Obamacare Repeal
Lawmakers Want Answers On Consumer Agency’s Faulty Retirement Benefit Planner
Senators: CFPB Miscalculated With Retirement Tool
Senate Republicans blast consumer panel's glitchy retirement calculator
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