Chairman's Press

June 2018
BUDGET BULLETIN - Spending Caps and the New Fiscal Cliff
May 2018
Enzi: Increased Fiscal Oversight Needed for Govt. Programs, Agencies and Activities
Chairman Enzi Files Topline Numbers to Establish FY 19 Senate Budget Framework and Enforcement
April 2018
Chairman Enzi: CBO Report Shines Spotlight on Nation’s Unsustainable Fiscal Outlook
March 2018
Chairman Enzi Continues Work to Streamline Early Education Programs
Enzi: Congress and White House Must Work Together on Pro-Growth Economic Policies
Chairman Enzi Presses Federal IG Offices on Housing Duplication and Overlap
Enzi Pushes DEA for Information After Audit Shows Contract Mismanagement
Chairman Enzi: Rebuilding the Military and Reforming the Pentagon Must Go Hand in Hand
February 2018
Chairman Enzi Seeks Timeline for Ongoing Pentagon Audit After Report Shows $1 Billion of Inaccuracies
Chairman Enzi Seeks More Info on FEMA Disaster Relief Contracts
Enzi: President and Congress Must Work Together to Curb Rising Debt
Enzi Statement on President’s FY 2019 Budget Proposal
January 2018
Enzi: Important to Review CBO’s Efforts and Improve Agency Operations
Enzi Welcomes Senator Cotton to Budget Committee
December 2017
Senate Approves Far Reaching Tax Reform to Help Hardworking Families and Boost America’s Economy
Senate-House committee releases final tax reform bill
Enzi: Time to get tax reform over the finish line to help hardworking Americans
Enzi named to joint Senate-House conference committee to finalize tax reform bill
Senate passes historic tax reform bill that lowers tax rates, puts more money in people’s pockets
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