What They Are Saying: Washington Wakes Up to Senate Budget Republicans’ Case for Fiscal Focus

Republicans’ letter calling on the Democrat chairman to address fiscal policy hailed as a ‘must-read’

WASHINGTON – Senate Budget Committee Republicans’ push to reorient the committee’s focus to fiscal matters is taking hold in Washington. Under Democratic leadership, the Budget Committee this Congress has held 15 hearings on the climate and just three directly on the budget. Republicans received kudos for their letter this week pushing back on the committee’s misguided trajectory.

Witness the amazing debate now under way at the Senate Budget Committee, where Chairman Sheldon Whitehouse (D., R.I.) is castigating Republicans for not sharing his zeal for climate policy. The Republicans for their part hold the quaint position that the Budget Committee should address the budget.

“Can anyone make Mr. Whitehouse understand what a gargantuan threat to life on earth U.S. financial collapse would bring?” – The Wall Street Journal (James Freeman, “Budget Chairman Rejects Calls to Prioritize Budget,” 04/11/2024)


“I testified before the committee late last year during a hearing on reducing income inequality, and saw firsthand the lack of interest about our fiscal path… The chairman clearly finds these [climate] topics important. They don’t, however, seem to be topics appropriate for the Senate Budget Committee as framed.

“[...N]ine Republican members of the committee, including ranking member Chuck Grassley and Senator Mike Crapo (R., Idaho), have responded… The whole letter is a must-read.” – National Review (Dr. Veronique De Rugy, “The Senate Budget Committee Should Focus on Budget Hearings,” 04/10/2024)  


“The Republican senators also pushed back on Whitehouse’s assertion that he wants to build bipartisan consensus around fighting climate change, saying that his aggressive approach has been counterproductive... Rather than fostering collaboration, the hearings are aggravating members and 'moving us further from so-called ‘preventative action’ and ‘a common path forward.'" – E&E News (Andres Picon, “Grassley scorches Whitehouse in ongoing climate flap,” 04/11/2024)