Chairman's Press

March 2021
Chairman Sanders Introduces The American Rescue Plan Act
February 2021
Incoming Chairman Sanders Introduces Budget Resolution
February 2020
Budget Committee Democrats Express Frustration Over Lack of Hearing on President’s Budget
Sanders Calls on Congress to Reject Trump’s Budget “Of, By, and For the 1 Percent”
November 2019
Sanders Statement on the Bipartisan Congressional Budget Reform Act
May 2019
Sanders Statement on the Retirement of Senator Mike Enzi
March 2019
The Senate Republican Budget: Cutting Medicare, Medicaid, and Education to Pay for Tax Breaks to the Top 1 Percent
The Trump Budget for 2020: State Fact Sheets
The Trump Budget for 2020: Promises Broken. Billionaires First
October 2018
Report: If Not for Republican Policies, the Federal Government Would Be Running a Surplus
February 2018
Trump's FY19 Budget Would Be Devastating for the Country
December 2017
Parliamentarian Determines Three Provisions in Republican Tax Bill Are Impermissible
July 2017
State Waivers Largely Violate Senate Rules, According to Parliamentarian
More Provisions in Republican Bill Violate Senate Rules, According to Parliamentarian
Sanders Vows to Challenge Health Care Side Deals Benefiting Individual States
Parliamentarian Determines a Dozen Provisions in Republican Health Care Bill Are Impermissible
June 2017
Statement on Parliamentarian Health Care Ruling
January 2017
Sanders Blasts Republican Budget Slashing Health Care for Millions of Americans
August 2016
CBO Report: Rich Get Richer, Poor Get Poorer
July 2016
Sanders Supports Treasury Department Regulations to Prevent Corporate Tax Dodging
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