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June 2011
Sessions On President’s Budget: ‘Unserious Response To Serious Situation’
Senate Fails Crucial Test, Sessions Says, After Democrats Block Spending Cuts
Devil In The Details: Sessions Criticizes Mystery Funding In Obama Transportation Plan
Spending Doesn’t Equal Investment, Sessions Tells Obama’s Energy Secretary
Sessions On CR: Reductions In Spending Must Be Sustained
Sessions Questions WH Rhetoric After Report Detailing Government Waste
Sessions To Obama Education Sec.: Can’t Win Future For Our Children With Borrowed Money
The Spending Binge Continues: GAO Exposes Billions In Waste, Duplication
On Two-Year Anniversary, Sessions Comments On Failed Stimulus
Sessions to Geithner: Grow the Economy, Not the Government
Obama's FY2012 Budget: A Failure of Leadership
HBC & SBC Republican Summary of President's FY2012 Budget
Sessions: President's Budget 'A Blueprint For Losing The Future'
As Economic Challenges Grow, Sessions Looks Back At Reagan Legacy On Role Of Government
Under President Obama’s Spending “Freeze,” Debt Will Grow $4 Trillion In 5 Years
Experts And The Public Agree: Democrat Health Care Plan Adds To Deficit
Sessions: With Budget Proposal, President’s Deficit Credibility At Stake
Sessions Calls For Action As Deficit Projection Worsens
Sessions Reacts To State Of The Union: President In 'Denial' On Spending
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