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October 2011
Sessions Anticipates Senate Vote On President’s Budget
Sessions Comments After Senate Democrats Oppose Food Stamp Fix To Save Billions In Mishandled Funds
Sessions To Oppose Cloture On Combined Spending Bills
Sessions Announces Opposition To Controversial Budget Nominee
Sessions Unveils Amendments Combat Billions In Waste, Gimmicks As He Challenges President To Do The Same
Sessions On CLASS Act Termination: ‘Very Troubling Questions Remain’
Bipartisan Senate Budget Committee Leaders Submit Recommendations On Process Reform To Deficit Reduction Joint Committee
Sessions, Ryan: 900 Days Since Senate Democrats Offered Budget Plan Is ‘National Disgrace’
Sessions: President’s Jobs Bill Rejected Over Substance, Not Politics
Budget Republicans Call For Hearing To Uncover Why CLASS Act Warnings Were Not Made Public
Sessions, Snowe Unveil ‘Honest Budget Act’ To Strip Away Washington’s Most Outrageous Gimmicks
Sessions Encourages Adoption Of Biennial Budget Reform
September 2011
Sessions Addresses Debate Over Disaster Funding In CR
Sessions Comments On Stopgap Funding Measure
Sessions Asks: What Did Sebelius Know About Health Program’s Unsustainable Cost?
At Budget Hearing, Sessions Details “Astounding” Inaccuracies In President’s Plan
Sessions: No Net Spending Cuts In President’s Deficit Plan
Sessions Remarks On President’s Stimulus Plan And Discredited Keynesian Predictions
Sessions To White House: Stimulus Plan Sent To Congress Missing Key Information
Sessions On President's Upcoming Address: A Speech Is No Substitute For A Budget
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