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September 2011
Sessions Asks: What Did Sebelius Know About Health Program’s Unsustainable Cost?
At Budget Hearing, Sessions Details “Astounding” Inaccuracies In President’s Plan
Sessions: No Net Spending Cuts In President’s Deficit Plan
Sessions Remarks On President’s Stimulus Plan And Discredited Keynesian Predictions
Sessions To White House: Stimulus Plan Sent To Congress Missing Key Information
Sessions On President's Upcoming Address: A Speech Is No Substitute For A Budget
Addressing Concerns With 'Paid For' Promise, Sessions Says President Must Submit Debt and Job Plans Together
Sessions Warns That President's New Borrowing Will Weaken Economy
August 2011
Sessions: President Fostering Uncertainty, Unpredictability In Economy
Sessions Opposes Debt Limit Bill: 'Answer is More Accountability, Not Less'
Sessions Reacts To Announcement Of Late-Hour Debt Limit Deal
Sessions Comments On Possibility Of Last-Minute Debt Deal
Sessions Remarks On Senate Democrats’ Rejection Of House Debt Limit Extension
Budget Committee Republicans Warn Reid Against Attempting End-Run Around Budget Law In Debt Bill
Sessions: Reid's Accounting Hoax And Dem Leaders' Budget Law Defiance Has Brought Us To 11th Hour
Sessions: Reid Bill Achieves Only One-Third Of Promised Cuts
Sessions On The President's Call For A 'Balanced' Approach On Debt
Sessions Responds To Democrat Deficit Myths, Calls For Honesty In Facing Debt Crisis
Sessions Comments On Reid’s Debt Plan
Following Cut, Cap, Balance Vote, Sessions Challenges Democrat Leaders To Finally Present Plan Of Their Own
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