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January 2012
Sessions On Baseline: Spending To Increase Fifty-Three Percent, Debt By $11.4 Trillion
Sessions On President’s Debt Increase: Policies Growing Gov’t, Shrinking Middle Class
Sessions Delivers Opening Statement At First Budget Hearing Of 2012
Sessions Responds To State Of The Union Address
Sessions And Ryan Ahead Of Day 1,000: Senate Democrats ‘Abandoned Their Duty’
Sessions Comments On President’s Rejection Of Keystone Pipeline
Sessions Raises Questions Regarding White House Staff Changes
Sessions Asks Administration To Make Good On New Promise Of Food Stamp Oversight
December 2011
Sessions To Oppose 11th Hour ‘Omnibus’; Cites Billions In Gimmicks
Sessions: Keystone Underscores How President Is Harming Middle Class
Sessions Supports Strong Balanced Budget Amendment
Sessions On Fox: President’s Policies Threaten The Middle Class
Sessions Comments On Social Security Votes, Encourages President To Return To Governing
Responding To President’s Kansas Address, Sessions Asks: Where Will His Policies Leave Us?
Sessions Challenges War Savings Gimmick
November 2011
The Case For Growth: Sessions Lists Benefits Of Discretionary Cuts
Sessions Expresses Concern Over Obama Nominee For Key Budget Post, Lack Of Candor From White House
Congress Should Cut Its Own Budget To Have Credibility On Spending, Sessions Says
Sessions: Obama Budget Nominee Must Reject Bogus WH Claims
Sessions Speaks In Support Of Latest Spending Reduction, Stresses Need For Further Action
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