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June 2012
Sessions, Grassley Criticize ‘Unapologetic’ Response From Ninth Circuit About Maui Judicial Conference
Sessions Responds To President's False Claim That His Budget Pays Down The Debt
Sessions Comments On President’s Economic Address
Unveiling Food Stamp Amendments, Sessions Outlines Moral Case For 21st Century Welfare Reform
Sessions Writes Conrad Concerning $14 Billion Increase In Senate Allocations Above BCA Levels
May 2012
Sessions, Issa Press DOI To Stop Stonewalling, Provide Requested Info On Corporate Energy Loans
Thune, Sessions Demand Transparent Plan From Obama Administration For Implementing Sequestration Cuts
Stunning Discovery: Senate Majority Fixed Discretionary Outlays For FY13 At Obama Budget Level, $14 Billion Above Debt-Deal Agreement
Sessions, Grassley: Lavish 9th Circuit Judicial Conference In Maui Could Cost Taxpayers More Than $1 Million
Sessions: Senate Majority Backs Reid, Supports Leader’s View That Having A Budget Is ‘Foolish’
Sessions: By Refusing To Offer Budget Plan, Senate Majority Endorses Nation’s Current Dangerous Financial Direction
April 2012
Sessions: Exactly Three Years Since Senate Majority Last Adopted A Budget
Sessions Comments On Senate Waiving Budget Rules To Increase Debt
Sessions To Raise Point Of Order Against Postal Bill For Spending Billions More Than Debt Limit Agreement Allowed
Sessions Says President Must Impose Disciplined Management On Dysfunctional Government
Sessions Issues Opening Statement At Budget Committee ‘Mark-Up’
Sessions Responds To Last-Minute Cancellation Of Planned Senate Budget Mark-Up And Votes
Sessions Issues Statement On Conrad’s Planned Mark-Up, Reid’s Decision To Block Budget From Floor
Sessions Responds To President’s Budget Speech, $17 Trillion In New Health Law Obligations
March 2012
Sessions: Health Law’s Unfunded Obligations More Than Double That Of Social Security
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