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January 2013
Sessions Confronts Democrat Leaders On Budget Games; Senate ‘Failing Miserably’ To Do Its Job
Sessions Comments On Majority Relenting, Promising Senate Budget Mark-Up And Regular Order
Sessions Comments On House Effort To Force Senate To Pass A Budget
Budget Committee Republicans To Murray: Production Of Budget ‘Prerequisite’ Of Fiscal Reform
Sessions Comments On Projected 80 Percent Growth In Welfare Spending
Budget Cmte. Ranking Member Announces Opposition To Jack Lew Nomination
Sessions Welcomes New Members To Budget Committee
Sessions Comments On Voting To Avoid Fiscal Cliff, Prevent Tax Increases
December 2012
Sessions Comments On Status Of Fiscal Cliff Negotiations
Sessions Discusses USDA’s Effort To Expand Food Stamp Enrollment Regardless Of Financial Need
Sessions Comments On New CBO Deficit Report
Sessions, Thune Raise Concern Over Abuse Of SNAP Benefits By Paid Government Volunteers
Sessions: President’s Secret Cliff ‘Plan’ Has Over $1T In New Spending; Fed Debt Would Rise $9T Overall
November 2012
Sessions: There Is No Obama-Geithner Plan
Sessions Delivers Remarks On Folly Of Secret Fiscal Negotiations
Sessions Comments On Senate Sustaining Point Of Order On Tester Bill
Sessions Corrects Reid, Durbin: Treasury Borrows Money To Repay Social Security So It Can Pay Recipients
Sessions: DHS Must Remove Welfare Promotions For New Immigrants
Sessions Rebukes Secret Fiscal Cliff Talks; Warns Against 11th Hour Deal That Bypasses American People
Ranking Member Sessions Congratulates Murray On Chairmanship; Calls For Action On Budget
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