Ranking Member Press

March 2013
Ranking Member Sessions Remarks On Conclusion Of FY14 Senate Budget Mark-Up
After Reviewing Murray Budget, Sessions Conveys ‘Deep Disappointment’
Sessions Delivers Opening Statement At Committee Meeting To Produce First Senate Democrat Budget In Four Years
Sessions Delivers Weekly Republican Address
Sessions, Ryan Call For Halt On Taxpayer Funding For Risky High-Speed Rail Project
Sessions Comments On Nomination Of New OMB Director
Sessions: Data In New State Dept. Letter Further Proves Immigrant Welfare Prohibition Being Ignored
Sessions: Fed Workers Should Have Opportunity To Find Budget Savings
February 2013
Sessions Delivers Opening Remarks At Budget Committee Hearing On Government Spending
Sessions Delivers Closing Remarks On Lew Nomination
Sessions Opens Debate On Opposition To Jack Lew Nomination
Sessions: DHS Letter Confirms Public Charge Immigration Law Not Being Enforced
At Budget Hearing, Sessions Presents Moral Case For Welfare Reform
Sessions Delivers Opening Statement At First Budget Hearing Of 2013
Sessions: White House Must End Its Violation Of Federal Medicare Law
Sessions Comments On Jack Lew’s Role In Violating Federal Law
Committee GOP Launches Inquiry On Jack Lew’s Complicity In Violating Federal Law
January 2013
Sessions Confronts Democrat Leaders On Budget Games; Senate ‘Failing Miserably’ To Do Its Job
Sessions Comments On Majority Relenting, Promising Senate Budget Mark-Up And Regular Order
Sessions Comments On House Effort To Force Senate To Pass A Budget
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