Senate Budget Committee Marks 100 Days Since Senate Passed Budget with Animated Web Video “I’m Just a Budget”

Today, the Senate Budget Committee majority released an animated web video, “I’m Just a Budget,” in which an animated singing budget explains why it’s been 100 days since the Senate passed him and he still can’t go to conference. 

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Web video “I’m Just a Budget” script: 

Budget is sitting on Capitol steps. Child approaches. 

Child:  What’s that crumpled up stack of papers? 

Budget: Oh me?  I’m a budget resolution! The Senate spent hundreds of hours debating about me before I passed! 

C:  How long have you been sitting here? 

B: 100 days.

C: 100 days?!  That sure seems like a long time!  What are you waiting for? 

B: Well, I’m glad you asked! 

(Music starts) 

B: (Singing) I’m just a budget, I’m one hundred days old, and Congress has put me on hold. 

It was a long journey through the Senate door, and now a long wait while I’m sitting on the floor.

But I know I’ll be in conference someday, at least I hope and I pray I’ll come to conclusion, but for right now I am just a budget resolution. 

(Budget sighs) 

C: So you’re waiting for Congress to go to conference? Why don’t they just ask? 

B:  Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. In fact, Senators are trying! They’ve asked to go to conference a lot!  15 times to be exact, but some Senators keep refusing…

 Senator Reid: ..come up with a novel idea. It’s kind of old fashioned, but it’s called regular order. 

Senator Murray: The American people are now expecting us to get together and do everything possible to bridge the partisan divide and come to a bipartisan deal. 

Senator Begich: Because for some reason some people think this is strategic. It’s not. This is what people are fed up with in this country. 

Senator Paul: I object

Senator Cruz: I object 

Senator Toomey: I object 

C: So you’re stuck? 

B: For now…but I’ll keep trying. 

Text: It has been 100 days since the Senate passed the budget. 

Text: It’s time to return to regular order, and go to conference so Congress can stop lurching from crisis to crisis.  

Text: Share this video and tell Republican leaders and Tea Party Senators #ConferenceNotCrisis