Parliamentarian Determines a Dozen Provisions in Republican Health Care Bill Are Impermissible

BURLINGTON, Vt., July 21 – The Senate parliamentarian determined Friday that certain provisions of the Republican “Better Care Reconciliation Act,” released on June 26, are impermissible under Senate reconciliation rules. Should the Senate proceed to the bill, these provisions may be struck from the legislation absent 60 votes.

"The parliamentarian’s decision today proves once again that the process Republicans have undertaken to repeal the Affordable Care Act and throw 22 million Americans off of health insurance is a disaster," Sen. Bernie Sanders, the ranking member on the Senate Budget Committee, said.

"It is absurd to believe that you can pass legislation which impacts one-sixth of the American economy, over $3 trillion a year and affects the lives of every person in our country, without one public hearing or open debate. How do you pass a 'health care' bill without hearing from doctors, nurses, hospital administrators or health care economists? How do you pass 'health care' legislation behind closed doors without any input from Democrats? It is time for the Republican leadership to junk this bill and work with the American people on legislation which improves the Affordable Care Act, not destroys it."

For background on the parliamentarian's Byrd rule decisions, click here.