Murray on GOP Debt Limit Turnaround: Republican Leaders Finally Bowed to Reality, Put Economy Before Tea Party

Washington, D.C—Today, Senator Patty Murray (D-WA), Chairman of the Budget Committee released the following statement on the House Republican plan to move forward with a debt ceiling bill with no ransom demands attached, as she and other Democrats have been demanding.

 “I’m glad that Republican leaders finally bowed to reality and put families and the economy before the Tea Party. The era of economic hostage-taking, ransom demands, and manufactured crises should finally be behind us, and we now have an opportunity to refocus on the real challenges workers and families face every day. The bipartisan budget deal proved that Congress can come together and do the right thing for our constituents and our country when Republicans are willing to push the Tea Party aside and make some compromises. Now that Republicans have fully backtracked from their efforts at hostage-taking and default, I hope they will join us at the table to build on our bipartisan budget deal and work with us to create jobs and broad-based economic growth.”