Graham: Raising Taxes on the Verge of a Recession Makes Zero Sense

WASHINGTON – Today, Senate Budget Committee Ranking Member Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) made this statement as Senate Democrats continue to negotiate on a partisan reconciliation bill.

“The Democrats’ latest Hail Mary on reconciliation does not pass the smell test.

“Raising taxes while we stand on the verge of a recession makes zero sense. Democratic tax hikes will be passed on to consumers and only add to the problems Americans face with raging inflation.

“The people proposing these new tax hikes and increased inflation are the same people in charge of our border, which is being overrun.”

On Putting Government In Charge Of Health Care:

“Government dominated health care is socialism and that is exactly what the Democrats have in mind.

“Putting the government in charge of health care purchases is the same as having the government in charge of health care services. Simply stated, Democrats are proposing price-fixing, which does not work.

“In the medical space, government price-fixing amounts to government-run health care.”