Graham: Dems’ “Insatiable Desire” to Raise Taxes Will Ruin the Country

WASHINGTON – Today, Senate Budget Committee Ranking Member Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) gave an opening statement at a hearing on the state of the U.S. tax code, in response to Democrats’ plans to raise taxes and implement other liberal tax policies.

  • GRAHAM: I want everybody in South Carolina to know that if Senator Sanders gets his way, it’s going to be hard for corporations to remain competitive in our country. The reason people are leaving New York and California in droves to come to where I live is because they are making it impossible to do business there. And we’re not going to do that to the country with Republican votes.” https://youtu.be/SXiGoOJ0AoQ?t=235
  • GRAHAM: “Why are we doing so well in South Carolina? Because we have a low, business friendly tax structure [and] hardworking people with a good education system to help them acquire the skills they need to work in a modern economy. That’s why BMW, Michelin and Boeing – I could go on and on and on – the premier manufacturers in the world have chosen my state because of a good work force and good, sound tax policy.” https://youtu.be/SXiGoOJ0AoQ?t=90
  • GRAHAM: “This insatiable desire by my friends on the Left to grab as much money and power as they can is going to ruin the country.” https://youtu.be/SXiGoOJ0AoQ?t=205 
  • GRAHAM: “To those who are listening out there: Tax policy is job policy. The way you structure your tax code is going to determine how competitive you can be vis-à-vis the rest of the world.” https://youtu.be/SXiGoOJ0AoQ?t=119
  • GRAHAM: “And you want to declare war on the top income earners in this country because you think they have too much because they ‘don’t pay their fair share’… What Senator Sanders doesn’t get, in my view, is most people who are struggling out there would like to be wealthy and don’t resent people who are wealthy who have done it right and fairly. So when the government’s going to determine how much you can make, what the ratio should be of what a CEO can make in any company, what else are we going to do?”  https://youtu.be/SXiGoOJ0AoQ?t=131
  • GRAHAM: “So the bottom line is that free enterprise works. The model [Democrats] are proposing has been followed throughout the world and it crashes and burns over time.” https://youtu.be/SXiGoOJ0AoQ?t=177
  • GRAHAM: “I think a model of increasing taxes now in the name of going after the wealthy hurts the middle class as much as it would hurt anybody else.” https://youtu.be/SXiGoOJ0AoQ?t=65


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