Chairman Patty Murray Announces MyBudget Online Platform to Engage Public in Budget Process

Senate Budget Committee Chairman Patty Murray released the following statement announcing the start of MyBudget, the committee’s new online effort to engage members of the public in the federal budget process. MyBudget launched today at http://budget.senate.gov/democratic/ with a call for members of the public to share their stories, budget priorities, and ideas with the committee. It will be expanded with new tools and resources over the coming months as the Budget Committee writes a pro-growth budget plan that works for middle class and communities. 

“The federal budget is where we lay out our values, our priorities, and our vision for what our government should look like now and in the future. So I believe that it is absolutely critical that the ideas and perspectives of families across America are heard loud and clear in a budget process that belongs to them, but is too often limited to politicians and bureaucrats. 

“That’s why as I move into my new position as chairman of the Senate Budget Committee and begin working to write a budget resolution with my colleagues, I am proud to announce the start of MyBudget, a new online platform for members of the public to engage with this committee.

“MyBudget will kick off with a few basic tools for members of the public to pass along their stories and ideas and share their values and priorities as we tackle our fiscal and economic challenges. And in the weeks and months ahead we will add more tools and resources for members of the public to engage with this committee and have their voices heard in the federal budget process. 

“In the future, I also hope to expand MyBudget to allow members of the public to share their ideas and discuss issues with their friends, as well as organize and advocate for their budget values and priorities about using social media and other platforms.”