Budget Bulletins

February 2016
President’s FY 2017 Budget – Domestic Policy Proposals
President’s FY 2017 Budget – Revenue Proposals
President’s FY 2017 Budget – Education Proposals
President’s FY 2017 Budget - National Security and International Affairs Proposals
President’s FY 2017 Budget Health Care Proposals
Overview of President’s FY 2017 Budget Proposal
2016 State of the Budget
January 2016
2016 Omnibus Spending Bill Epilogue
October 2015
Back-End Spending’s Impacts on the Budget
Social Security Replacement Rates
UPDATED Debt-Limit Debate: New Budget Committee and Treasury Forecasts
September 2015
2016 Continuing Resolution
July 2015
Appropriations Status Report – FY 2016 Budget and Spending Bills
Enforcing the FY 2016 Balanced Budget Resolution
June 2015
Reconciliation and the 2016 Budget Process
Defense Spending, BCA Caps and OCO Funding in FY 2016 Budget
May 2015
Highway Trust Fund Deadline Looms
June 2013
Issue 2: Sequestration And Appropriations
January 2013
Issue 1: Sequestration After The Fiscal Cliff
December 2012
Issue 4: History Of Deficit-Neutral Amendments In SBC Markups
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