The Cost of Inaction on Climate Change

Full Committee Hearing

Date: Thursday, April 15, 2021 Time: 11:00 AM Location: Room SH-216

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There will be a Hearing of the Committee on the Budget 

On: Thursday, April 15, 2021, 11:00 AM 

In: Room SH-216

To consider: The Cost of Inaction on Climate Change


  1. Mr. David Wallace-Wells
    Editor at Large, New York Magazine
    Author, The Uninhabitable Earth
  2. Dr. Robert B. Litterman
    Chair, Climate-Related Market Risk Subcommittee
    Commodity Futures Trading Commission
  3. Dr. Joseph Stiglitz
    Professor of Economics
    Columbia University
  4. Mr. George R. Oliver
    Chairman and CEO, Johnson Controls
    Chair, Business Roundtable Energy and Environment Committee
  5. Mr. Richard J. Powell
    Executive Director
    ClearPath Inc.