S. 2381, Line Item Rescission Authority

Full Committee Hearing

Date: Tuesday, May 2, 2006 Time: 09:30 AM

There was no video broadcast for this event.



Witness Statement

  • Austin Smythe
    Acting Deputy Director, Office of Management and Budget
    smythe_lineitemvetohrng050206.pdf (11.3 KBs)
  • Dr. Donald Marron
    Acting Director, Congressional Budget Office
    marron_LineItemVeto050206.pdf (53.1 KBs)
  • Dr. Louis Fisher
    Specialist at the Law Library, Library of Congress
    fisher_lineitem050206.pdf (29.9 KBs)
  • Mr. Charles J. Cooper
    Cooper & Kirk, PLLC
    cooper_lineitem050206.pdf (35.7 KBs)
  • The Honorable Robert C. Byrd
    United States Senate
    byrd_lineitemveto050106.pdf (19.8 KBs)