Medicare for All: Protecting Health, Saving Lives, Saving Money

Full Committee Hearing

Date: Thursday, May 12, 2022 Time: 11:00 AM Location: SH-216

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There will be a Hearing of the Committee on the Budget 

On:  Thursday, May 12, 2022, 11:00 AM

In:  Room SH-216. Members of the Committee may participate in person or by video conference technology.

To consider: Medicare for All: Protecting Health, Saving Lives, Saving Money

The Committee will follow guidelines developed in consultation with the Office of the Attending Physician and the Senate Rules Committee to protect the health of members, staff, and the public. Pursuant to this guidance, Senate office buildings are not open to the public other than official business visitors and credentialed press at this time. 


Panel 1

  1. Abdul El-Sayed, MD, DPhil
    Harry A. and Margaret D. Towsley Foundation Policymaker in Residence
    Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy University of Michigan
  2. Adam Gaffney, MD, MPH
    Assistant Professor of Medicine
    Harvard Medical School
  3. Bonnie Castillo, RN
    Executive Director
    National Nurses United
  4. The Honorable Charles Blahous, Ph.D.
    J. Fish and Lillian F. Smith Chair, Senior Research Strategist
    Mercatus Center George Mason University
  5. Grace-Marie Turner
    Galen Institute

Panel 2

  1. The Honorable Phillip Swagel, Ph.D.
    Congressional Budget Office