With Committee Markup Possible Next Week, Sessions Says Nation Can’t Afford A Closed Process

WASHINGTON—U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), Ranking Member of the Senate Budget Committee, issued the following statement about the potential for a budget mark-up next week and the need for the public and the press to be able to review the proposed resolution 72 hours in advance:

“After weeks of delay, I have been informed that a mark-up in the Budget Committee may occur as soon as the beginning of next week. Every single Republican has asked for, and expects to receive, 72 hours to review Chairman Conrad’s budget resolution before he brings it forward in the Committee. If Chairman Conrad fails to provide our members and the public with an adequate opportunity to review his mark before we meet to work on it, he risks turning his proposal into a purely partisan effort.

Too many times Washington has passed major bills and budgets with little consideration and even less public scrutiny. Those days must end. We cannot afford at this time in history to craft the nation’s budget in locked chambers and behind closed doors. It may be a messy, complicated process but it’s the best way get real results. It’s how our system works. The American people deserve an open and honest legislative process.

It has now been more than 700 days since the Senate passed a budget—how can the Democrat majority not justify even three days to review a proposal before we amend it? My fear is that Democrats hope to rush a proposal through the Committee that conceals substantial tax hikes, only pretends to deal with entitlements, and avoids immediate cuts to spending in favor of distant promises for the future.”

[Note: To view the aforementioned letter from all Budget Committee Republicans to Chairman Conrad, please click here.]