Sessions On CR: Reductions In Spending Must Be Sustained

“We will fight every day, week, and month to make the government leaner and the economy more prosperous.”

WASHINGTON—U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), Ranking Member of the Senate Budget Committee, made the following comments today following the passage of a continuing resolution that funds the government over the next two weeks at approximately $4 billion less than current levels:

“Washington tried the big-government approach for the last two years. It failed. All that was achieved through the massive surge in federal spending was a crushing debt burden that stifles job growth and threatens our future. It is time for a new approach—one that grows the economy, not the government. We simply cannot continue this unsustainable path of spending, taxing, and borrowing.

Today we took a first step down the long road to ending America’s fiscal crisis. Over the next two weeks I hope the Democrats who run Washington abandon their resistance to the spending reductions that are so vitally needed. The reductions in this two-week extension must be sustained. We cannot and will not fund this government for the rest of the year at current levels.

We will fight for spending reductions in the Budget Committee, in the Appropriations Committee, and on the Senate floor. We will fight every day, week, and month to make the government leaner and the economy more prosperous.

The situation is urgent. We now borrow forty cents of every dollar we spend. Our deficit this year will reach $1.65 trillion dollars. The amount of money we owe will soon be greater than the value of everything we produce. And the president has presented a budget that will than double our total debt by the end of the decade.

America is the greatest nation on Earth. Yet every day we continue down this road, we weaken our standing in the world and squander the inheritance of our children.

Strong, sustained reductions in spending may not be easy. But it’s the right road. It’s the road that leads to a better future.”