Sessions Applauds House Republican Budget, Reprimands Irresponsibility Of Democrat Leaders

The contrast between [the House Republican] plan, and the failure of the Democrats who run the Senate and White House, is extraordinary.”

            WASHINGTON—U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), Ranking Member of the Senate Budget Committee, made the following statement today after House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan released the FY 2012 House Budget Resolution:

“There are three bodies in government that are required to submit a budget proposal every year: the White House, the Senate, and the House. Two of these are now controlled by Democrats, one by Republicans. From the Democrat White House we have seen the most irresponsible budget plan any president has ever put forward. From the Democrat Senate we have seen no effort to even produce a budget. And from the Republican House we have seen the most serious effort put forward in our time to solve our long-term fiscal challenges. I applaud Chairman Ryan and his Committee. The contrast between this plan, and the failure of the Democrats who run the Senate and White House, is extraordinary.

This shouldn’t be a partisan fight. Many Democrats tell me they fear our nation is headed for fiscal disaster. I hope President Obama, Majority Leader Reid, and other Democrat leaders will stop trying to collect political ammunition for the next election, so that instead we can join together in meeting the defining challenge of our time. The only way to get this country off the road to economic crisis and on the road to economic prosperity is to curb spending and get this government under control.”

Note: To view Chairman Ryan’s full report on the FY12 Budget Resolution, please click here. A summary may be found here, and a contrast between the House Republican plan and President Obama’s plan may be found here.