Senate Budget Committee Approves Balanced Budget to Boost National Defense and Economic Growth

WASHINGTON, DC – The United States Senate Budget Committee, chaired by Senator Mike Enzi (R-WY), today approved a plan that would balance the nation’s budget in 10 years with no tax hikes, protect our most vulnerable citizens, strengthen the national defense, and boost economic growth and opportunity for hardworking families. The full Senate will consider the committee’s balanced budget proposal next week.

The Congressional Budget Act mandates a specific timetable for the Congressional budget process, and by law the Senate Budget Committee must report its concurrent budget resolution by April 1. Congress must then complete and report the joint concurrent resolution by April 15.

“The committee’s approval of this balanced budget represents a significant first step in changing how we do business in order to safeguard the future for our kids and grandkids,” said Chairman Enzi. “The common sense ideas and solutions that are part of this proposal can deliver real results and real progress to hardworking American families. I look forward to consideration of our plan by the full Senate next week.”

Approved Amendments - FY '16 Senate Budget Resolution

Senate GOP Budget Resolution:

  • Balances the Budget in 10 Years
  • Ensures Flexibility for Funding National Defense
  • Provides Repeal and Replacement of Obamacare
  • Protects Americans from New Tax Hikes
  • Preserves Social Security
  • Extends Medicare Trust Fund Solvency
  • Improves Medicaid Based on the CHIP Model
  • Supports Stronger Economic Growth
  • Enhances U.S. Energy Security

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