Enzi Receives Fiscal Hero Award for Efforts to Fix Budget Process, Address National Debt

WASHINGTON D.C. – Senate Budget Committee Chairman Mike Enzi (R-WY) this week was named a Fiscal Hero for his efforts to fix America’s broken budget process, improve the nation’s fiscal future and address the core drivers of the national debt.

“Congress must tackle the pressing fiscal challenges facing our country, including the government’s out of control spending and skyrocketing national debt,” said Chairman Enzi.  “But today, budgets are increasingly ignored, and our spending bills are months late leaving the country with no long-term fiscal plan. Currently, America’s mammoth national debt totals more than $19 trillion, and is expected to grow to over $29 trillion by 2026. Hardworking families already send enough money to Washington.  The least we can do is ensure that their taxes are spent effectively and efficiently. It’s time for a better budget for each and every American.”

The Fiscal Hero Award was presented by the Campaign to Fix the Debt, a nonpartisan movement to put America on a better fiscal and economic path. To be named a Fiscal Hero, lawmakers distinguished themselves by casting fiscally responsible votes; pushing their party leaders to make addressing the debt a priority; leading bipartisan policy efforts; and engaging and educating constituents. Honorees included 26 members of the House and 21 Senators from both parties, covering a range of political views.

“Sen. Enzi has worked through a variety of channels to draw attention and find solutions to the nation’s fiscal challenges,” said Maya MacGuineas with Campaign to Fix the Debt. “While many lawmakers have chosen to bury their heads when it comes to these issues, Sen. Enzi has shown courage and leadership and has been willing to stand up for what is right for the country - even when it’s not easy to do so.” 

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