Enzi: Balanced Budget Will Help Restore Trust of Hardworking Taxpayers

WASHINGTON, DC – U.S Senator Mike Enzi (R-WY), Chairman of the Senate Budget Committee, said today, during the joint Senate-House FY 2016 Budget Conference, that passing a balanced budget will help restore the trust of hardworking taxpayers.

“Passing a balanced budget is about restoring the trust of the American people, because the federal government’s chronic overspending and exploding debt threatens each and every American,” said Chairman Enzi. “The biggest reason for this broken trust is Washington’s failure to do what voters have long demanded: to eliminate wasteful Washington overspending; to make government truly more effective, and more accountable; to improve the programs that protect our most vulnerable citizens and strengthen the health and retirement security of our seniors.”

Enzi noted the last time Congress passed a balanced joint budget resolution was for Fiscal Year 2002, which means the nation has not had a balanced budget plan for almost 15 years. Chairman Enzi also said over the past five years, Senate Democrats have only been able to pass one budget, but now that Congress is under new management, Senate Republicans put together a balanced budget in their first 100 days.

“At a time when America is facing difficult challenges both here and abroad, the American people expect us to put their priorities ahead of politics and gridlock,” Chairman Enzi said.  “Today, that is exactly what we are doing.”


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