CBO Report Shows Senate Committees Have Authorized $2.2 Billion Less Than Budgeted

WASHINGTON D.C. – At the request of Senate Budget Committee Chairman Mike Enzi (R-WY), the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) released a report for October 2015 that tracks the budgetary impact of enacted legislation against the FY 2015 deemed budget resolution and the FY 2016 balanced budget resolution approved by Congress earlier this year. The CBO report provides a status update on Congress’ progress against the balanced budget resolution passed earlier this year. The report shows that over the FY 2016-2025 period, which is the entire period covered by the budget, Senate authorizing committees have spent $2.2 billion less than the budget resolution outlined.

“This recent report from CBO shows the heightened awareness by Senate Committees of complying with the balanced budget passed earlier this year,” said Chairman Enzi.  “A budget process with regular action and predictability, active legislative oversight, and spending transparency is critical to strengthening our democracy and reducing our nation’s unsustainable spending and debt.”

Read the full CBO Budget Scorekeeping report here.


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