CBO Report Shows Impact of Budget Caps on Overspending

WASHINGTON D.C. – Senate Budget Committee Chairman Mike Enzi (R-WY) today released the following statement in response to the Congressional Budget Office’s (CBO) "Update to the Budget and Economic Outlook: 2015 to 2025."  Enzi noted that that report shows the positive impact of the budget caps, passed as part of the bipartisan Budget Control Act, on the federal government’s overspending.

“Today’s report from CBO demonstrates the tremendous impact the budget caps approved as part of the Budget Control Act have had on our overspending as the nation’s annual deficit forecast for 2015 will be at the lowest level in years,” said Chairman Enzi.  “Our nation’s long-term debt outlook, however, is not so rosy. I would caution those who would use this report as an opportunity to take these short term-savings and push for more spending. If our nation is serious about balancing our budget and reducing America’s debt, real, substantive budget reforms and savings will have to be on the table during any spending negotiations.” 

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