President’s FY 2017 Budget – Domestic Policy Proposals

WASHINGTON, DC – The Senate Budget Committee today released its sixth in a series of analyses of the President’s FY 2017 Budget submission. The February 23, 2016, Budget Bulletin is focused on the Budget’s domestic policy proposals. The Budget Bulletin provides regular expert articles by Senate Budget Committee analysts on the issues before Congress relating to the budget, deficits, debt, and the economy.

Read the full Senate Budget Bulletin here.

Excerpts follow:

Overall, the president’s budget proposes to increase mandatory spending, excluding health care, by more than $1 trillion over 10 years, relative to the administration’s baseline. Much of this increase results from making discretionary transportation spending mandatory and assuming the enactment of comprehensive immigration reform. This Budget Bulletin examines the remaining domestic policy initiatives in the president’s 2017 budget not covered in previous issues, including:

Administration of Justice



Commerce and Housing Credit

Community and Regional Development


Environment and Natural Resources

General Government

Income Security

Job Training, Employment, and Social Services

Science and Technology

Social Security


Undistributed Offsetting Receipts

Veterans Benefits and Services

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