Report Waste And Abuse

Report Waste and Abuse

With more than 2 million employees across 18 Departments and 108 agencies, the United States federal government has become the country’s single largest employer.

Common sense—and personal experience—tells the American people that a federal bureaucracy as large as this one is wasteful and inefficient. It makes the economy more sluggish and disrespects hardworking Americans by squandering their tax dollars. Yet the political class in our nation’s capital is determined to shield this bureaucracy from any accountability. Ranking Member Sessions believes this must stop—and that the bureaucracy and its protectors must be held to account.

Now, federal employees who are concerned about taxpayer dollars being wasted in their agencies can report it directly to Senate Budget Committee Republicans. Our oversight staff will diligently investigate and pursue all submitted tips, and our oversight efforts to date have resulted in the cancellation of numerous wasteful projects and expenditures. Earlier this year, for example, Ranking Member Sessions spearheaded an oversight letter regarding a taxpayer-financed spending project favored by Majority Leader Reid: a $6.5 billion high-speed rail loan in the middle of the Nevada desert. That wasteful project was terminated following Sessions’ inquiry. With your help, we can pursue government waste to better manage the taxpayer dollars with which we have been entrusted.

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