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Ranking Member Sessions On Nomination of President’s Budget Director To Head HHS, Implement Health L...

"Ms. Burwell has a comparatively thin resume for the demands now placed on this position—she has never run anything on the scale of HHS—and, during her short stint as budget director, she did more to obscure the nation’s poor financial state than to illuminate it."

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Sessions Questions National Endowment For The Humanities Over Dubious Expenditures

"Now is not the time for us to come up with creative ways to spend money. Now is the time for us to come up with creative ways to save money. NEH is obligated to do its part. Eliminating some of these programs might be necessary."

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Sessions: Americans Are Right To Believe Washington Has Stacked The Deck Against Them

"Washington and Wall Street are booming. The greatest growth area in the United States is Washington, DC… Lobbyists, consultants, and politicians are doing quite well. But median household incomes have declined by $2,268 since 2009…"

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Sessions Delivers Opening Statement At Hearing On Economic Challenges Facing Working Americans

“We were told that the massive debts accumulated over the last five years would lead to prosperity. But we now are left with none of the prosperity and all of the debt… CBO says [interest payments on that debt] will rise in 2024 to $880 billion. That single year’s interest payment is 300 times what we spend today on our nat...

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