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"For months, the Department of Defense (DOD) has been forced to cope with the harmful, meat-ax budget cuts known as sequestration, which took effect in early March. The adverse impact has hardly gone unnoticed: Furloughs, grounded combat squadrons, and canceled ship deployments are just a few of the troubling changes now characterizing America’s defense landscape."
"Washington’s soaring taxing, spending and borrowing have contributed to the weakest economic recovery since the 1940s."
"It's the same on Capitol Hill, where Senate Democrats have failed for nearly four years to pass a budget for the country while nearly $6 trillion has been added to our debt."
Crapo participates in second public meeting of the Budget Conference Committee; asks about stimulus spending and tax reform
Enzi’s opening statement at Budget Conference Committee for FY 2014
“The President and his allies in Congress sold Obamacare by promising it would cost the taxpayers less than $1 trillion in its first decade. Instead, the Congressional Budget Office now makes clear that once fully implemented, it will cost far more than that over its first ten years: a whopping $1.8 trillion."
@SenatorEnzi: I cosponsored a bill that would prevent Americans from losing $ they set aside for out of pocket health care costs. http://1.usa.gov/10yU5CY

@MikeCrapo: Glad to see the #Senate has come to a solution to extend flexibility to the #FAA to deal with furloughs without gimmicks or taxes. #idpol

@SenatorWicker: It is unconscionable that DOD is issuing military furloughs instead of cutting wasteful spending. http://ow.ly/lyGlk