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Sessions Lays Out Financial Agenda For New GOP Majority In Address To Coolidge Foundation Budget Con...

"The time has come for a humble and honest populism—not the cheap demagoguery of political operatives, but a sincere devotion to the legitimate needs and desires of the American people."

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Health Policy Experts Agree With SBC Analysis Of CBO Data: Obamacare Makes Deficits Worse

“It seems relatively safe to say that Obamacare — which Democrats passed over unanimous Republican opposition with just three votes to spare in the House and without a single vote to spare in the Senate — wouldn’t have passed had it been scored as a deficit bill.”

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Obamacare’s Five Biggest Broken Promises

CBO estimates Obamacare will produce a dramatic reduction in the number of hours worked by Americans as well as the size of the overall labor force, the equivalent of 2.5 million fewer Americans working full-time as a result of the law.

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Highlights Of Waste And Abuse In The Obama Administration

In advance of President Obama unveiling his FY 2015 budget earlier this year, senior White House staff signaled to the Washington Post that the plan would “call for an end to era of austerity.” This despite the fact that the nation has spent $21.1 trillion since 2009. Gross federal debt has increased by $7.23 tr...

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