Welcome to MyBudget, an online platform for members of the public to weigh in as we work to build on two-year bipartisan budget deal to tackle our fiscal and economic challenges fairly and responsibly.

I feel very strongly that politicians and bureaucrats shouldn’t be making our budget decisions in a vacuum. Rather, the ideas, stories, values, and priorities of families across the country should have a loud voice at the table and a platform to be heard.

Since August 2010, Congress has put in place $3.3 trillion in deficit reduction. This year our deficit will be about a third of what the Congressional Budget Office expected it to be just five years ago, and the long-term outlook has improved somewhat as well. While we absolutely need to tackle our long-term budget deficit and debt challenges fairly and responsibly, we now have some breathing room to also focus on the other deficits facing our country, like those in jobs, innovation, infrastructure, and education.

So please, use the links on the left to tell us what you think. Share your stories about how federal budget decisions have impacted your family, your community, and your job. Let us know what issues we should be focused on. And pass along your ideas for how we can work together to build on our two-year bipartisan budget deal responsibly.

I look forward to hearing from you!

- Senator Bernie Sanders, Ranking Member

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