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“‘Today’s report... shows once again that our fiscal outlook has improved significantly in the near-term,’ Senate Budget Committee Chairman Patty Murray (D-Wash.) said in a statement. ‘While we need to continue to tackle long-term deficits fairly and responsibly, we have room to focus on other deficits in areas like jobs, innovation, infrastructure, and education.’”
“Senate Budget Committee Chairwoman Patty Murray (D-Wash.) said Tuesday that Congress ‘needs to act’ on approving a new round of transportation funding or risk creating another version of the 2013 government shutdown. ‘The Department of Transportation, and many of us in Congress, have been warning for months that the Highway Trust Fund needs more revenue to pay for these critical projects in my home state and those across the country,’ Murray said in a speech on the Senate floor. ‘Without it, the trust fund will reach critically low levels next month,’ Murray continued. ‘This is coming just a few months after Republicans pushed us into a government shutdown. And if Congress fails to act soon, families, businesses, and states would see another shutdown, this time with highway projects around the country.’”

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“Six months after negotiating a bipartisan budget compromise, Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., has again successfully worked with Republicans, this time to shape a long-overdue updating of the nation’s workforce development programs. … Murray and Sen. Johnny Isakson, R-Ga., took the lead in the rewrite, sometimes discussing the fine points on walks to the Senate floor from their adjacent offices. Congress needs more of the honest brokering based on mutual trust exemplified by the budget and workforce training bill efforts.”

Full Article: “Murray shows there’s hope for Congress” - Spokesman-Review Editorial
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“‘We’ve doubled down on the programs that work. We’ve improved the programs that have become outdated. And we’ve created a workforce system that’s more nimble and adaptable, better aligned with what our businesses,’ said Sen. Patty Murray, D-Washington, another co-sponsor. Murray said negotiations with Isakson were boosted because the two have offices next to each other in the Russell Senate building and they would often discuss the legislation while walking to the floor for votes. ‘We started with a House proposal and Senate proposal and we all met in the middle,’ she said. ‘It’s an all too rare opportunity for us to get behind a strong bipartisan, bicameral bill.’”
“The six-year reauthorization of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) passed by a 95-3 vote. The approval is a triumph for Sen. Patty Murray. The Washington Democrat was one of half dozen principle bipartisan architects of the bill, which melded clashing proposals passed separately by House Republicans and a Senate committee. Murray worked especially closely with Sen. Johnny Isakson, Republican of Georgia.”

Senator Murray, Op-Ed

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“For so many Spokane residents, and millions of Americans across the country, getting a college degree can be a ticket to the middle class. But today the price of admission can mean taking on a crushing amount of student loans. That’s why I am proud to support a plan in the Senate that would help ease that burden by letting borrowers refinance their debt to today’s lower rates.”

Full Article - “Sen. Patty Murray: Refinance bill lifts burden of student debt, strengthens economy” – Spokesman Review, Senator Murray Op-Ed

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“In less than two years on the job Patty Murray has already put a unique imprint on her position as Senate Budget chairwoman, not only through reaching a budget deal with the House last year, but also by seeking to shift attention to what she calls deficits in federal investment in areas such as education, infrastructure and research.”

Full Article: “Under Murray, Budget Committee Broadens Focus” - Congressional Quarterly
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“The nation’s $1.2 trillion — and growing — student debt is reshaping Americans’ economic lives in far-reaching ways, from slowing rates of homeownership to retirement security to choice of specialty for medical students. The consequences of that financial burden on both borrowers and the U.S. economy were the focus of a Senate Budget Committee hearing Wednesday chaired by Sen. Patty Murray.”

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“‘The House passed a very different bill than we did in our committee and getting people to understand there was a compromise possible between two very different bills was a big hurdle,’ Sen. Patty Murray (D., Wash.) said in an interview Wednesday. Ms. Murray said she was ‘very hopeful’ the bill would pass the Senate.”

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