Today, Wednesday, April 10th, Chairman Murray and the Senate Budget Committee held a hearing on the nomination of Sylvia Burwell to the position of Director of OMB. 

Ms. Burwell testified on the need for a pro-growth approach and her past experiences in the public and private sectors,If I am confirmed, my primary focus will be to contribute to achieving balanced deficit reduction, increased efficiency and effectiveness in how government works, and targeted investments that grow the economy and create jobs….From my experience in the Clinton Administration – at OMB, the White House, and the Treasury Department – I learned the importance of working together in a bipartisan fashion to get things done. I saw first-hand how the deficit reduction agreements of the late 1990s were reached. I know that we all come to the table with firm convictions and the belief that we know the right answer. 

We also come with the same conviction to serve the American people, which I hope will drive us to find common ground to move the country forward….As someone who has been out of the government now for 12 years, I am hopeful that I can bring a fresh perspective to the fiscal debates underway. From my positions at the Walmart Foundation, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and as a Director at MetLife, I have seen the important role that both the government and private sector play in the lives of the American people.” 

Ms. Burwell’s full testimony can be found here.

Key Excerpts from Murray’s opening statement:

“That’s why now, more than ever, it is so important that we continue to have strong leadership at the Office of Budget Management. Which is why I am pleased that we have such a qualified and exceptional nominee in Sylvia Burwell.” 

“The lessons of the ‘90s are vital to the discussions we are having today about our budget and our economy. So I believe Sylvia’s experience working on a balanced, responsible approach to deficit reduction will bring important knowledge and a key perspective to OMB.”

“I’ve had the opportunity to sit down personally with Sylvia and to discuss the approach she will take to these important issues. I am confident that she possesses the kind of experience, integrity, and expertise necessary to succeed in this position. And that she will work to tackle our debt and deficit issues in a balanced way, by prioritizing fairness, opportunity, and a return to the responsible fiscal and economic policies that have worked for our country before.”                                                         

Watch Chairman Murray give her opening statement.