Thursday, April 11th, Chairman Murray and the Senate Budget Committee held a hearing on the President’s Fiscal Year 2014 Budget Proposal. 

Acting OMB Director Jeffrey Zients testified on the President’s proposal, “The right prescription to address these challenges is to combine smart, targeted investments in areas critical for economic growth and competitiveness, with deficit reduction that will boost confidence and certainty by putting the nation on a sound long-term fiscal trajectory. The Budget does just that – offering a plan for deficit reduction that is phased in to avoid harming the economic recovery, and includes protections for the most vulnerable. At the same time, it preserves high priority investments that will enhance economic growth and private sector job creation.”

Acting Director Zients full testimony can be found here

Key Excerpts from Murray’s opening statement: 

“So President Obama has made it very clear that the proposal we are discussing today doesn’t reflect his thoughts on the ideal policy, and it certainly doesn’t represent any kind of new starting point for negotiations.” 

“It’s not the budget I would write on my own, and it includes several policies that I don’t think are the best ways to tackle the deficit and debt.” 

“While this proposal reflects President Obama’s compromise offer, I was very glad to see that the President maintained his commitment to putting jobs and broad-based economic growth first.  I know us Democrats here in the Senate feel very strongly that protecting our fragile economic recovery is paramount. The budget we passed reflects that, and any deal we come to would have to work for middle class families and the economy as well.” 

“The Senate Budget we passed last month reflects where I think our country needs to be, as well as the pro-growth, pro-middle class values and priorities of Senate Democrats and the vast majority of the American people as we move into negotiations with the House.  And I am hopeful that Republicans will come to the table and show they are willing to compromise to get a deal.”

Read Chairman Murray's opening statement HERE.

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